Color me blind

I’m red-green colorblind. About 8-10% of men (and 0.5% of women) have color-deficient vision. The technical term is Dichromatism. It’s no big deal; usually if someone asks me, “Well, what color is this sweater I’m wearing” it’s really easy to guess. And no, traffic lights are not a problem (even in states where they’re hung horizontally).

Red-green color blindness doesn’t mean that someone has trouble distinguishing those colors, it means that the the color receptors in the eye are less sensitive to those wavelengths. So if you ask me, “Find the purple crayon,” I’m unlikely to be able to tell the blue crayon from the purple one (which is basically blue mixed with red; the blue overwhelms the red, if you like).

I do have a hell of a time with multicolored LEDs. Green, yellow, red, they all look the same to me. And I’ve returned a few video games (something from LucasArts — which was all color-based puzzles — and one of the last critical puzzles in Riven involved placing multicolored dots on a grid and was basically unsolvable by me).

Here’s a good article on color-blindness I googled.

Please remember

Please remember that flying on the shuttle is a hazardous job. Space travel is not safe, nor is it likely to be in the near future.

More later. I’m having Challenger flashbacks.

This sucks.