A couple of great books

Emma Bull is back from a hiatus of nearly a decade (I guess I don’t count Freedom and Necessity — it was co-written with Steven Brust and I didn’t like it much) with a wonderfully realized western/magic/fantasy that brings the Earpe brothers and Doc Holiday into a different kind of focus.  I highly recommend Territory.  I’m guessing it will have a sequel, hopefully it won’t be a long wait.

I finally got around to reading M. John Harrison’s Light.  Why did this sit on my shelf for so long?  Some of the best hard-sf and just plain good writing I’ve read in the last couple of years.

Matt Ruff (of Sewer, Gas, Electric and Set This House in Order) is back with Bad Monkeys, a fast-paced, gnarly-attitude me-against-the-world-even-though-I’m-locked-up-in-an-insane-asylum reminiscent of the best of Jim Dodge.  If you haven’t read either author, well, definitely check out Monkeys, and then go read Dodge’s Stone Junction.


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  1. I didn’t realize Bad Monkeys was out. I’m a big Ruff fan (though not big enough to have pounced on the release, apparently). Thanks for mentioning it.

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