A cure for a cold

Nothing like being sick (on a Sunday) hanging out with your son and watching The Three Stooges. (Is it required that every Stooges movie contain a food fight?)

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

4 thoughts on “A cure for a cold”

  1. Nothing beats flu like own immune system amped up with ginger + lemon juice ran through blender and set aside for an hour or so (no heat treatment, it kinda kills the good stuff in it). Some also like to add honey, but these days its hard to get one that doesn’t come with pesticides due to the way it’s obtained from bees used as pollinators on large sprayed grain farms…

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  2. Is it required that every Stooges movie contain a food fight?

    Answer: Yes. IIRC, FDR issued an executive order on that very subject, in order to fight the Great Depression. Something about “substantial effects on Interstate Commerce” mumble mumble…

  3. Of course it is compulsory.

    Mind you, the BEST food fight of all time ever ever ever was the one involving Tony Curtis as “The Great Leslie”, in “The Great Race”, which ran for about 5 minutes. Of course the hero didn’t get touched in all the chaos… at least until the end.

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