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Here’s a heartfelt blog about the savaging of New Orleans and its environs, various things political, and just plain ranting.  Link.  The signature post is here [Warning: Use of Profanity, Use of Hard Truths].

We’re pretty much in agreement about Texans, except for our friends who live in San Antonio, who we consider honorary residents of Anyplace But There.  Were it not for them, I would happily cede Texas to the Mexicans, or make it part of Honduras or Outer Fuggupistan and toss in whatever change I happen to have in my pocket (lessee, seventy eight cents, plus some string) to sweeten the deal.


Heard on a radio piece about tours of the house that Bush grew up in.

“This is the birthplace of two presidents and three governors.”

To which I would add:

“When they left home, the average IQ in our household went up.”


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