The Gibber just had his first encounter with some 2600 games. After years of playing games like Minecraft, Katamari Damaci and LEGO-this-and-that, all on the Xbox or his relatively modern PC with a decent GPU, his comment about 2600 Adventure was:

“Daddy, how do I defeat the duck?”

Somewhere, Warren Robinett suddenly felt cold, and he didn’t know why … 🙂

G liked Pong, though.

[Long time between updates. Busy, busy. Valve is neat, though chaotic.]

Author: landon

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2 thoughts on “Adventure”

  1. took me a few to figure out what he meant — the dragon sure could be confused for a duck.

    “Now, son, this is what we call use-your-imagination. In my day, we didn’t have no graphics processor, no, we had an imagination and we used it” ..

    When will you introduce him to the frustration that is Nethack ?

  2. I have just rediscovered Adventure myself. It was a great game; I remember when talking to people at school about discovering “the dot” and wondering what to do with it. One night, at a party, some of my sister’s friend showed us the “dot trick” to see Warren Robinett’s name, which blew me away.

    Another time, this beautiful girl was playing Adventure and got lost; everyone else in the room shouted at her at the same time how to get through the game “Turn left here! Go up here! Go right here! Get the sword! Kill the dragon!” until she won.

    Good times.

    I used to have dreams about playing a new version of Adventure with new, different mazes. The game never had a real sequel (the closest thing to a real Adventure sequel was Warren’s next major game called “Rocky’s Boots”), but Adventure Plus is the closest I’ve seen to a remake of the game with brand new mazes. Indeed, another version of this code is sold as “Adventure 2” in some 2600 consoles out there.

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