Angry Science Fiction Fans of Dune

My first SF convention was in 1976 or thereabouts, and Frank Herbert was Guest of Honor. I skipped a whole day of 9th grade and later caught hell from my parents, but it was worth it. [This was the year I failed Typing, which is probably the reason that I’m an Emacs user.]

Frank talked about his recent book Children of Dune, and since this was during the US’s early days of Really Heavy Ecology he talked a lot about saving the planet. I forget the particulars. Desertification, human impact, and how we’ve got to get off of this rock, mostly.

The only thing I remember clearly was when he mentioned there was another Dune book on the way. A bearded grad student next to me muttered, “Yeah, Streetsweeper of Dune” and the people around us laughed.

So it was bad, even then, when he was still alive and actually writing the stuff.

There’s another Dune book coming out, Sisterhood of Dune. These things are being pooped out about twice a year, it seems. I haven’t tried to read any since I threw away my first “Dune prequel” — right now, I can’t even remember the title. The series is dead to me. I wish there was a way I could “negatively buy” a book, somehow push it back in their faces as Do Not Want material.

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  1. I am an ardent reader of your blog for few years now .. From your blog post I have an image of you being a Microsoft guy [no offense] .. Recently I had to move to Microsoft environment at office for development purpose and I always missed Emacs.. You just mentioned you being an user of Emacs .. My doubt is how great is Emacs on Windows . . I always missed Emacs but found a temporary home in Notepad++

  2. @Anuj: I’ve been using Lugaru’s Epsilon editor for about twenty years. It’s a commercial Emacs clone, and it works well for me. (I’ll forwarn you about the sticker shock, it’s like $200 or $300 — I haven’t checked recently). But I’ve found that very good tools are worth the money.

    Perhaps more recent versions of Emacs on Windows are just as good as Epsilon. On the other hand, I’ve /tried/ using Emacs 23.something, and it required a remarkable amount of fiddling before I was even remotely happy with it. Epsilon just works.

    They’re both easy to try. Lugaru will let you use an evaluation version for 30 days, and Stallman would like you to use Emacs because it’s free, free, free, free, frreeee.

  3. Please!!! tell me there’s a way to rewind my brain about having read Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune!!!
    I really hope Frank is in Heaven, because Hell to him would be having to read those awful books!
    But what would I know I never used emacs.

  4. I concur with your idea of “negatively buying” a book… if only it were possible!

    All is not bleak, though. Their last “McDune” Heroes of Dune tetralogy got cancelled halfway through because (we think) of poor sales performance. (Although hack Anderson maintains that the reason for the switch-over to a completely new post-Legends-prequels trilogy is because the Dymnumbnic Duo just couldn’t stand NOT writing the stories they’ve come up with for that era.) They’re really counting on this new series recapturing some of the past glory… especially now that the new movie deal seems to be dead in space. Maybe if it fails as massively as I’m hoping it will, the publishers will come to their senses and ditch the franchise entirely. (Not that that won’t stop Anderson, who’s begun moving to e-publishing.)

    I really envy you having heard FH speak in person. Ah well…

  5. If there was ever a book that was not intended to be a 6 part series, it was Dune.

    14000 years later, and the only continuous character is a minor character who got shot 30 pages into the first book…

  6. I could not agree more about Dune and unbuying a book. If I could, I’d unbuy every single Dune book, and a whole lot of PD James as well.

    I’ve been using emacs on windows for years. A few small tweaks to make it work how I like and its awesome in its awesomeness.

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