Antec story

A year ago my four year old PC died, and I chose to do a near entire refresh of it. I bought a fairly mundane system with a relatively quiet case, an Antec Sonata, and things have been fine.

A few weeks there was an electrical burning smell in the office that I couldn’t track down. This morning the power supply fan on the new machine was going full tilt and the case temperature was nearly 60C. I cracked the machine open and saw that the case fan was valiantly trying to move, but was only twitching.

I was going to call Antec, but decided to try their online support. I put in a warranty request for a dead fan, and frankly didn’t expect much from the process.

Within about an hour, a support tech responded in email with a request for my home address, and twenty minutes after that he said “The fan is on the way.” No request for a copy of my receipt, no run-around, just “Here you go.”

I like that kind of customer service. A cynical person might say, “Well, they probably have to replace a lot of fans, so they’re used to it,” and they’d probably be right. I still like the way this was handled.

Author: landon

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