Any sufficiently advanced technology . . .

. . . is insufficiently documented.

. . . is indistinguishable from bullshit.

. . . is worse than the disease it was invented to fix.

. . . and is unkillable, even with fire. Even if you get the imperial space marines to H-bomb it from orbit, drop an asteroid on it, and bury the ashes at a crossroads on a night with no moon. It will come back, shake its head, regather its minions, and flatten you.

“Advanced,” by the way, can be used in the sense that cancer can be considered advanced. “You’ve got an advanced and highly resistant case of everything-is-gonna-putrify-and-fall-off and nothing will ever be okay again, Version 1.0.”

“Doc, does that include my sense of dignity and all that is right with the world?”

“Oh yes.”

“I wish I’d waited for the service pack.”


Unrelated: We finished the “normal” mode of Diablo III. I have to say: Yawn. I’m actually looking forward to Torchlight 2.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

6 thoughts on “Any sufficiently advanced technology . . .”

  1. Only when you let it to 🙂
    this: phdcomics1 and this: phdcomics2

    Its like in that radiohead flick, karmapolice. When you realise you can do something with what you have at hand youre changing from position of being needy and into postition of power, things change… youtoob

    But it takes a lot of time to install new flow. Good news are that the beneficial flow / habits can be learned just as the harmful habits were learned.

    The whole deal with technology is that its good to know how to swim, but its better to travel by boat. The only deal is what boat will you take? And if its wrong kind of boat will you be able to jump ship and swim to shore to take another boat? Dirtyjobs show is full of people who jumped ship and are happy with less 🙂

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