Buried again

Apologies for lack of posting.  I’m buried at work, and must also keep the yard from turning yet again into jungle.  Additionally, having little to grip about besides politics (which I am miserable at), I’d rather just hole up with a good book.

Here’s a nice article on the file structure of MP3.  Really well written.  Link.

Finished _Anathem_ (verdict: Very good.  I’m going to read it again soon).

For entertaining-and-not-challenging reading: Leo Frankowski’s Crosstime Engineer series.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

3 thoughts on “Buried again”

  1. Hello,

    I’m actually here because I read your comment elsewhere about Gary Kildall’s encounter with IBM, or rather lack of encounter, which I found very interesting. If there is any more to the story, I would be delighted to hear it – my address is (charlestonartist(at)email.com).

    Best regards,


  2. @William: Yup. Competely escapist. I’m probably going to re-read some John W. Campbell next, then take a wallow in early Clarke and mid-70s Niven. Or maybe _Lord of Light_ and _Creatures of Light and Darkness_. Yeah. Chicken soup for the over-computer-ified, too-much-internetted soul. Turn off your monitors, crank up a reading lamp and stuff that bookmark down into the cushions.  Got a cat?  Ready, read!

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