Dating Site Nightmare

Some dirtbag subscribed one of my catch-all addresses to a Jewish dating site. It’s a minor bit of spam, a drop in the bucket, but it’s still irritating. However I can do something about it.

There’s no way to actually turn the *$%(#@ account off. But at least I was able to point the required email to the ‘abuse’ address at their own site — I briefly considered some more creative alternatives, but decided not to compound a bad situation — and I edited the personality profile to be a little . . . well, you can judge for yourself:


The scary thing is, with the redirected email address I’ll have no idea if anyone actually takes the bait. Famous giant balding chain-smoking octogenarian hassidic russian horsie-lovers, there’s probably a god damned newsgroup dedicated to them, and a yearly conference that I really do not want to know about.

Author: landon

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