[tl;dr; I got a new phone. Most boring blog post ever.]

After using a Windows phone for three years, and generally happy years at that (except for the last 6-7 months), I finally ditched it and went to an iPhone [sorry, Jack, but an Android just wasn’t for me].

I really liked the Windows phone UI. It was easy to use, nicely customizableĀ  in terms of tile layout, and for the most part I had all the apps that I wanted. The cameras on the two Nokias I had were great, and the build quality was excellent. I’ll miss the mail client.

However, the Nokia 920 has some problems, the worst of which are some bits of the system software which refuse to sleep, spin like mad and make the device grow hot to the touch. After months of waiting for updates to fix things I was running out of battery mid-day and running out of patience.

Last week I talked to some AT&T storefront sales types about the sad, sad state of the Win8 phone’s low-level software and AT&T’s utter inability to address it, other than financially. And they weren’t interested in doing anything. Calls to multiple levels of managers went unanswered.

Turns out that if you go into an AT&T store with a fresh quote from T-Mobile and say, “Are you interested in keeping a customer? This is your last chance!” the sales types becomeĀ a lot more reasonable. I got a replacement iPhone 5S (which I paid for), but kept my decent plan and didn’t pay the bogus early termination penalty. I did some research; they didn’t lose any money on me, nowhere near.

I’m sad to see the WinPhone go, but it really had to. The patch rate for such a new product (WinPhone 8) was pretty miserable, and not improved by AT&T’s foot-dragging. If Microsoft/Nokia fixed this and started releasing updates and fixes on a rapid schedule (I guess that every couple of months would be “rapid” in comparison) without fanfare, that would probably do a lot to improve their image through word of mouth.

Also, that “customer feedback” they gather? It should include device temperature. I’m just sayin’.

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