DFW on Tennis

David Foster Wallace [argh] on tennis and everything else. Link.

McSweeney’s has a thread of rememberances.  Link.

I’m about 1/2 way through _IJ_ again.  Finish when I finish _Anathem_.

No time.  The young’un awakes….


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5 thoughts on “DFW on Tennis”

  1. I am reading Anathem right now and am liking it. FWIW, I hated the Baroque cycle and stopped halfway through…I liked the premise, but the execution was incredibly bad.

  2. @William: I liked _Anathem_ a lot. (btw, Stephenson finally *ended* a story 🙂 ). I thought it was going to take a dive into abject wacko strangitude near the end, but it recovered fine. The world-building he did for this book is pretty neat.

    I’m a quarter of the way into the last book of the Baroque Cycle, and I’ll probably stay there forever. I just don’t care anymore.

    @matt: Thanks for the Harpers link.

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