Diablo 3: “Stay a while and –URK!–“

Diablo3!  Diablo3!  Jumping and down:  “Wheeeeeeee!”

Movies and stuff here….  The graphics and play look awesome.  Of course, no release date (this is Blizzard).

My wife and I lost a summer to Diablo II and its expansion pack.  (I cranked up D2 recently, just to try out the new patch that makes it CD-free, and the next thing I knew I was levelling up a Sorceress in the middle of the second episode.  I shook my head and backed away from the mouse.  Dungeon-crawl crack, that’s what it is: “My name is Landon, and I play Diablo 2 …”).

No word on whether you can throttle Deckard Cain and get the bastard to shut the heck up.  Just identify the loot, okay, old man?  Sorry about the blood and stuff.


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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3: “Stay a while and –URK!–“”

  1. I remember those old days of Diablo II. After 1,5 years of playing in netcafes on the battle.net detox was long, painful and expensive. And now Blizzard is releasing new drug in the world of procrastinators… Economy will collapse, stock markets will crumble, and green fluorescent pigs will fall from the sky…

  2. lol. Two years of my life were wasted (ummm maybe not wasted) playing D2: LOD on Battle.net.

    Fun times. My GPA in high school was defined by the many hours I spent playing Blizzard games, lol.

  3. I too thought about loading up Diablo 2 again.
    However 800×600 on a 24″ monitor might look pretty bad.

    Also, what is this ‘CD-free’ patch that you speak of? Is this an official Blizzard patch?

  4. Am I the only one who wants a side-game “Item Identification With Deckard Cain”? It would be a puzzle game, in which you had to twist colored rings on objects and bring them into line.

    It could be built into the regular game. It would come with a voice chat feature, that would feed into a voice-changer that would make you sound boring and old.

  5. Diablo II made me lose my girlfriend, my degree, my car, my house. I was in the back streets of Tristam identifying items for gold man. It was bad. 4 Years I played that game. I had so many mules, I was like some sort of farmer…

    Only recently have I got back on track. I have an apartment, I work now down at the plant.. Im seeing someone, and about to go back to school. WHY Must they do this to me? Why? I’m not strong enough to fight against it, I need help!

    Oooo pretty graphics.

    Robert: Yes its an official patch. They finally gave in, the CDs we’re of pretty low quality, and after many years, its getting difficult to find replacements. About time too, I wonder how much money they spent on SecureROM versions and SafeDisc only to get cracked anyways in the name of “preventing piracy”, only to come to their senses after so long. (Still the CD key thing worked great anyways, who wants to play by themselves? Yeesh)

    Oh and it doesn’t look that bad, I recently fired it up on my 24inch widescreen, looked pretty good.

    … hey, know where to get some D2Discs man? Im jonesing pretty bad. =)

  6. I can’t wait for this game to come out. My best friend’s uncle owns the microplay that he works at and he has already put our names in the computer system for preorders 😛 I have a really bad feeling about this….but its ooooh sooooo gooooood at the same time…i lost a whole semester of OAC (grade 13 in ontario back in the day) to D2 when LOD came out. 😛

  7. hahaha i just watched the trailer on the official site…Deckard Cain’s line of “nobody ever wants to listen to me” was pure gold 😀 i’ve got the YouTube release on infinite loop…..i think the downward spiral is starting again……

  8. I’m largely immune to the Diablo series, because I cut my own CRPG dungeon crawl teeth on the games that inspired them. That, and “dark fantasy” I find loathsome.

    I post this because I’m bitter inside, bitter than the whole internet is in the middle of a humungous “squee” over the slight news we have of the game while I’m standing over here in the cold, hugging at my copy of Nethack — which isn’t even a physical thing, but just a bunch of files on my hard drive.

    I would suggest, however, that if you like Diablo and have a DS, you should try a game called Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. Don’t ask why, just trust me.

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