Dirty Databases

With employee names like “Writer, Apple” and “Apple, Non-plus,” and with founder Steve Wozniak appearing at least six times (my favorite mis-spelling: “Wozinack, Steve”, or maybe “Wojniak, Robert”), Eliyon’s database of ex-Apple employees looks like it needs a little scrubbing. I didn’t check any other companies.

“Jobs, Even Steve” had me rolling. “Softworks, Gideon” was apparently a build engineer. And yours truly doesn’t appear at all … which is just fine, thank you.

On the other hand, there were some people who I recognized. Slacker and current member of (un-nameable mailing list) Michael B. might want to check that his records are accurate. Fi would never read this web site, but she might want to check up on her file as well.

As should all six versions of Woz. Boy, that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?


I was also amused to learn that Chuck E. Cheese was a founder of Atari. Nooo, I think that the whole illegal-alien-in-a-rat-suit thing came along in 1981 or 1982….

Author: landon

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