Doggerel for a short war

Oh thar’s …
  Iraqis in the bedroom
  An’ TERRISTS in the loo
Them French are gettin’ uppity
  (But they don’t know what to do)
Now Germany’s stopped talkin’ to us
  And the Brits are turnin’ green
Goddamn, Saddamn, why’d ya have ta
   Be. So. Mean?

The Persian Gulf’s a-paved with boats
  Just rarin’ to attack
Bush’ll press the button
  And Tomahawks ‘ll whack
And MAYBE this will be the shortest war we’ve ever seen
  But Goddamn, Saddamn, why’d ya have ta
    Be so mean?

So when we git ta Bhagdad
  And find, in all the mess
Saddamn’s hole, we’ll take him out
  And present him to the press
On NB-AB-CNN, it’ll be on every screen
  Goddamn, Saddamn, why’d ya make us
    Be so mean?

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.