Even more Comcastic than before

Apparently they’re sick of me calling (well, I sure am) so they schedule a tech visit, because of course you need to have someone on site to fix a configuration problem on your servers.

He shows up. “Oh, a cablecard. I haven’t done any of these.”

Oh great.

He replaces some cables, I think mostly because he had some cables and that was a thing he could do. Nope.

“Dweep dwoop dworp.” Calls into the same support numbers I’ve been calling in to, tells the people at the other end to frob configuration things. No joy.

“Huh”. Starts calling private numbers and has someone else frob configuration things. Also no joy.

At this point he realizes he’s utterly out of his depth, so he accuses me of not actually subscribing to the channels that aren’t working; I show him the lineup I’ve got and point out that half of the channels in the lineup are working, and the other half are not.  He puzzles over this, then instructs me to re-run guided setup twice on the Tivo (which takes 40 minutes each time), goes to lunch and doesn’t come back.


Another tech visit scheduled for tomorrow. I’m guessing they don’t even bother to show up.

I fucking hate Comcast.

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12 thoughts on “Even more Comcastic than before”

  1. If it makes you feel better, Charter sucks at cablecard too. My favorite was the phone ‘tech’ who rather than update the host ID in their system, as I suggested, decided to block On-Demand for our account instead.

  2. During the brief period I had the misfortune of being a Comcast customer a few years ago, I found the only way to get things working or to get an honest bill was to contact senior management directly. Unfortunately, https://twitter.com/comcastscott appears to have left the company but I’d recommend trying to find someone else – a few times people mentioned in person (i.e. unrecorded) that low-level staff actually had policies preventing them from being too helpful or doing things like jumping past a lengthy troubleshooting guide when the problem was obviously something else.

    1. We’re talking seriously about canceling our TV subscription. Streaming looks nearly fine, and I’m at the point where I’m not going to invest more than an hour or two past the next tech visit.

  3. I agree with fool, we had Comcast issues like you describe a long time ago so we just went with directv and have had no issues ever since. I can understand sticking to Comcast if they are your ISP so maybe that’s why?

    Just curious

    BTW I like your book recommendations, The Martian has been the best book of the year for me.

    1. I’m liking Greg Bear’s War Dogs right now, too. Also set on Mars, but not very funny so far, and unlikely to become so.

      I figure that today is N-2: Tech shows up and can’t do anything, or doesn’t show up at all.

      N-1 is me threatening to cancel, and maybe they actually do something.

      Call number N is me actually canceling, whereupon we just stream stuff. Also, I write letters to the PUC, the FCC (because they’re really not supporting cablecards all that well), the local city government, and my reps in congress because monopolies should be regulated as such, and how could it be worse?

  4. When this happened to me recently, it had nothing to do with cable cards. It turned out they had done an audit of the packages I had been paying for and they determined that the package combinations were not right. So they essentially deauthorized everything without telling me. I was worried that they were essentially phone-slamming themselves, and trying to up sell me. They set me up with a new package for the same price.

  5. Have been full streaming for more than a year now and wouldn’t go back for any kind of deal. I no longer make a car payment to evil-cable-company-x every month. Of course I do have to deal with them for Internet … but at least there is competition there … cable vs telco vs wireless. Pick your poison.

  6. I experienced the exact same thing with both comcast and verizon during my many years as a tivo user. Once the cards are activated correctly, you just have to keep calling until you get that ONE tech that knows what the hell she (it was always a woman that figured it out) is doing, then it is a matter of minutes.

  7. Obviously you’re on a higher support tier than I am, in that you

    A) managed to actually connect to their support number


    B) actually got a technician to show up for a scheduled appointment

    It generally takes four to eight hours of wardialing to get Comcast’s number to pick up, and then another couple of hours before it drops me off hold. And on three service calls – they won’t commit to anything tighter than “between 8AM and 5PM”, I have three days lost from work with nobody ever showing up.

  8. I’ve nothing to say about this specific post, but generally really like your blog! 🙂
    (catching up on missed articles after a long time)

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