Forthcoming SF

Uncle Hugo’s list of forthcoming SF. This is more accurate and updated more frequently than the list on Locus. Link.

Highlights: A new Vernor Vinge book (set in the “bobble” universe, not the “Depths of Thought” — Amazon is incorrect), Varley’s sequel to Red Thunder, a couple books by Charles Stross. Robert Charles Wilson may have a new book out (his previous one, Spin, is very good). Altogether, kind of a dry year again.

A technical book you might not want to miss: Robert P. Colwell’s The Pentium Chronicles, about the development of the Pentium VI processor. It’s not Soul of a New Machine — it’s mostly about managing a large on-the-edge engineering project — but it does have its moments. It’s basically anecdotes about the people he managed or worked with, ranging from really smart folks to the security wacko who (at 3am) told him to stop listening to music on his headphones because the noise was disturbing the people around him.

Author: landon

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