Fry’s is Hell

Fry’s is Hell.  I’d forgotten what it was like to return a computer there.  Just unbelievable.

(lots of deleted stuff.  maybe later when I calm down)

Really don’t buy computers at Fry’s.  Just don’t.  Best Buy will be getting my money when I need a computer for something RFN.

(Yeah, I know that BB is bad, too).


I feel better now.

What happened was, I bought a RFN-class machine (actually a couple):

A) I found that one machine’s CDROM drive was busted halfway through an OS install (thus, the return), and

B) The Frydroid said, “I can’t re-image the hard disk, so I can’t put it back on the shelf for resale, so you can’t return it.”

After counting to myself “One valium, two valiums, three, three … argh, three fscking moron dumb-bucket waddlegut brain-dead donut-sucking nincompoop all-I-know-I-learned-from-Sams-books Frybots, wait, four, yes four valiums…” I managed to flag down a manager and make him hate me enough that he wanted me out of his store ASAP, whatever the cost, and I left with a replacement computer (it worked, what a miracle, etc.).


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  1. I agree. Fry’s is terrible, and it’s not just computers (or returns). One time I bought a cheap (sub $100) hard drive at Fry’s, declined the extended warranty, they added it on anyway, and then I had to wait 15 minutes for them to call a manager up to remove it. Not sure if they were hoping I’d say “forget it” and keep it on, or what. So annoying.

    When the Renton Fry’s opened, all of my co-workers were very excited, but I avoid it as much as I can. In fact, I’ve bought only one thing there: a TiVo Series3, only because they were the only store in the area with it in stock (I’d bought one at BestBuy, but it was defective and they had none left to exchange it with). That surprisingly went ok, but I haven’t been back since.

  2. I go to one of a couple of local computer stores when I want stuff RFN. Occasionally they don’t have the exact thing I want, but there is a triangle here of:

    1) Price
    2) Selection
    3) RFN
    4) Good experience

    Fry’s tends to have 1,2,3 but not 4. Newegg has 1,2,4 but not 3. Local store has 1,3,4 (well, 10% more in my experience in terms of cost, but that is close enough for RFN).

  3. Hm, reality check. I live in Europe, and occasionally travel to San Jose (Electronic Imaging conference). I always visit Fry’s there – we don’t have big electronics stores here (but there are lots of nice small cafes 🙂 ). Can you recommend a good computer store in the San.* area, then?

  4. I’ve been to Fry’s a few times, so far nothing they’ve sold me has had catastrophic failures so I haven’t had to go through their customer service. Fry’s is a good place to go if you need cables and don’t want to wait for NewEgg to deliver them. At least they sell them for reasonable prices, albeit in a wide variety of vendors of dubious quality.

    NewEgg’s customer service is exemplary. I’ve returned a motherboard three times in a row with no complaints from them. (Turned out I wasn’t plugging the CPU power cord in… hey, it wasn’t mentioned in either the CPU OR motherboard manual, they just assumed you knew to do that or weren’t upgrading from a base-power-only CPU architecture.)

    The only thing I bought through them that wasn’t good was a flatscreen LCD TV; they won’t do returns, and they even advise you to inspect it when it’s delivered to make sure it wasn’t damaged in shipping. I bought my next TV at Fry’s, which went all right, although I don’t think I got the best bargain.

  5. For local stuff in the Bellevue area unless you are looking for name brand try Computer Stop on 20th. It’s not far from Microsoft’s main campus. If you head from microsoft and turn down 20th/Northup between 148th and 140th on your left is a strip mall. The most prominent store is the Camera’s West.

    I have bought stuff from them for years. They will custom build a machine for you as well.

  6. What makes you think the drones at those stores read Sams books? When I whored myself out at BB in 1994-95 (I was young and needed the money), I was the only employee there who even knew what a Sams book was. And I’m pretty sure I was the only one who had a subscription to PC World.

    I could probably write a book based on what I learned working there for two summers and a Christmas season… None of it was pretty.

  7. I bought a KVM switch from fry’s once. I brought it home, hooked it up, and quickly learned that all it was capable of doing was making my monitor have several different flickering effects. It was obviously defective and I took it back where they promptly put a discount sticker on it and placed it back on the shelf. Since then, I only use fry’s to window shop. Actually, recently I went there to get the MSi Wind netbook. They didn’t have it but showed me the acer Aspire that I was thinking about purchasing instead. The sales rep opened up the task manager and said, “see look it has a dual core processor.” I laughed and said, “no the atom is a single core processor that utilizes hyperthreading.” The rep looked at me like I had spoken in some other language and just walked away.

  8. I’ve been shopping Fry’s since they operated out of that old grocery store on Okamede in Sunnyvale. That was back when if somebody made it Frys had it. Now they don’t exactly have the selection they used to but the employees do stay out of your way. I have had good experience getting Frys drones to help me find the location of something obscure. It used to be that one of their strong suits was their returns department. I guess that explains why the line there isn’t as long as it used to be. It used to be you could return anything including processors and memory no questions asked.

  9. Frys has really declined. It used to be my go-to place, now I think twice.

    About a month ago I tried to pick up a stick of PC100 for a friends antique (she was running WinME with 128K). It took three employees to find it, then they sent it via runner up to the cage – can’t trust the customer with a $25 item, you know. Kind of a slap in the face.

    Then their register went down, after the purchase, but before the receipt printed. They rebooted. And rebooted. And rebooted. Five times, at about five minutes a trial. The manager refused to hand write me a receipt, or to walk me past the door security.

    Finally I just left, without the stick. Ordered it online from NewEgg.

  10. Am I the only one who’s gonna call BS on Drucker (comment #1)?

    What do you mean by “hub”? NewEgg hub? UPS hub? Ethernet hub?

    First of all, NewEgg ships at the end of the day. Secondly, last time I checked, there is no “same day delivery” option when ordering.

    There’s just no way the item arrived 4 hours later. Maybe the next day, but that’s not the same thing.

    I just hate it when people exaggerate or use hyperbole to make a point. All it does is make you look like a jackass.

  11. Maybe he’s exaggerating. Maybe he’s not.

    It’s not impossible that he lives next to a shipping hub and that through a lucky chain of events the item gets pulled and put on the delivery truck, and that Druckers house happened to be early in the driver’s delivery schedule. Calling a dude a jackass for a not terribly implausible story is the jackassery.

  12. Newegg rocks. Also, the fun in building up your next machine up from parts is not to be underestimated. Remember to not take into account hours spent on configuration and installation when nonchalantly dropping in that you’re running Snow Leopard on your i7 and the machine cost less than $800 altogether.

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