Fudda Kids

A ruling that I expect to see in my lifetime:

Finding summary: Public schools are funded partially by federal taxes. Therefore, the Government has a right to see how those tax dollars are being spent, and there is a compelling interest to ensure that education money is being spent effectively. Students must therefore be monitored for activity that is detrimental to their education, including activities outside of school. Outside activities that affect the “no child left behind” exams, that affect grades, or that are illegal must be prohibited.

Therefore, the homes of students with federally funded educations must conform to educational guidelines.

– No fewer than one television per student, with certain programs (e.g., for “Civics” courses) required viewing (e.g., write a paper about the president’s speech last night);

– Rating and cataloging of books read, websites visited, emails sent and received;

– Blacklisting of known non-conformers; “no visit” lists and so forth;

Let’s not even mention the real-time GPS movement tracking, dietary restrictions, parental monitoring program, and the continuing education program that doesn’t stop when you leave school (more “no adult left behind” exams to follow-up on the effectiveness of the education). Don’t think that private school will get you out of it, either, because you might need to sign up at a public institution someday.

Oh, it’s fun to wake up with a nightmare like this, yessirree.

Author: landon

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