Growing up with…

Forget computers, massive multiplayer online games, the ubiquitous presence of instantly findable facts and opinions, my son is growing up in a world where yellow stickies will always have been around.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

9 thoughts on “Growing up with…”

  1. Wow. Although a little late here… at 25, I’m already there.

    I remember the first time I saw wifi, I made the sign of exorcism and ran for the holy water. This was terrifying magic. My kids (whenever I get around to having them) will probably see it as a technology just this side of the wheel.

  2. Ha! My kids don’t even know what an LP or cassette is. We went to the Science Museum in London, and they had vinyl in one of the displays. Man, did that make me feel old – especially when my son asked me – “Dad, what’s that?!”

  3. I’m 33, and there’s plenty to make me feel old at times…

    I was visiting the house I lived with my parents in about twenty years ago, and it still had the TV antenna we had as a kid! The last set of owners (place was unoccupied when I was there) had put in a dish, but I wondered if the old antenna still worked.

    I wonder what kids would think of having to turn an antenna to pick up one channel or a few, but lose the other ones? That’s one reason VCR’s really didn’t take off until the late 80’s / early 90’s, couldn’t record things without syncing with the antenna, and no luck trying to record and watch if one was on a channel unreachable in the antenna’s current position.

    And if you think cassettes are bad, try telling the story of how you used to record your computer programs to them! And that you had to avoid anything longer than 60-minute tapes because it would stretch and alter the tones, corrupting the data…

  4. i’m trying to get my work to go paperless (it’s worked quite surprisingly to decrease paper use a lot), but the only form of paper i use at work are post-its.

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