3 thoughts on “IBR 2013”

  1. What is so impressive about driving a motorcycle miles and miles. Its not like it is the TDF, now that is impressive.

    Oh wait I guess for a bunch of balding fat men it is impressive

  2. Meanwhile in YUROP…

    I think usanian police / insurers / whatevers wouldnt be so keen about that sort of thing 😛 And rules seem to be fun.. too bad i have normal people as friends 🙁

    “To make it even harder no fancy cars are allowed – max 1.2 litre engines. 4×4 are an absolute NO and other equipment such as an GPS’ shouldn’t be used – this means paper maps only or navigation by the stars
    Choosing a car for the rally is a challenge and hopefully a lot of fun as well. There are a couple of restrictions for the rally. The car has to have an engine size of 1.2 litres or less, the car must be registered after 2004, and taking a 4×4 or large vehicle is considered being a pansy.”

    1. On the other hand, im now beyond “lets buy 15L of vodka for 2 weeks @ 4 people and go to spain to get wasted type of thing.” so that sort of thing wouldnt work with me now. I am with vegans and healthies now 🙂

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