It’s all right, I said it was

DOJ sez: “…the unauthorized disclosure of this effort damages our national security and puts our citizens at risk.”



“Damn. I’m out.”

“I’ll see that, and raise you five.”

“Um… bleah. Let’s see ’em.”

“Pair of Spies.”

“Three Torturers.”

“I’ve got bupkiss, just some prisoners.”

“Heh. Justice of Wiretaps, Queen of BlackOps, King of Lies, ahnnnddd…”

“I don’t believe it.”

“…and the Ace of Righteousness.”

“Hey, wait a minute, I have that right here.”


“The Ace of Righteousness. Right here in my hand. What are you doing?”

“You had that hidden!”

“No I didn’t.”

“Cheater! This guy cheats at poker! Jesus.”

“I do not cheat at cards.”

“The hell you don’t.”

“I had my lawyer specifically make a finding about that. I made sure that the right people knew about it. It’s to protect you and your fellow players, and I couldn’t tell you about it because that would have endangered you. You see the burden that I have on my shoulders.”


“Well, I guess that makes it okay.”

“Man, sorry about that.”

“Yeah. It’s not obvious when we’re being protected. That’s real important.”

“So … you guys want another hand?”

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.