Lion in wait

I walked into our office here at home to get a screwdriver or something for one of the many little tasks I’ve been doing lately, and as I was passing the door a mountain lion growled in my right ear.

Yes, your hair really does stand on end. Something primitive and scared took over and I literally jumped. Into the air. The lion growled again; a full-throated, rumbling roar from somewhere behind the door, and the ancient thing that now controlled my limbs caused me to (A) search for the safest route out — no way out, the office is at the end of the hallway in our ranch-style house — then (B) duck into the bathroom and search carefully for the source of the growl. It growled again, but fainter. There was a small thud. Wha?

That part of the house has fairly light hollow-core doors. Yesterday I moved some video cables around near the doorway, and one of them had been leaning up against the door. When I entered, it fell, scraping against the door and using the door as a sounding board that amplified the scraping into that really effective and realistic growl.

But it’s amazing what the hind-brain will make you believe. Predators inside the house? Almost plausible, once you get a little adrenaline into your system. Basic reflexes override reason. Add a lot of fatigue and anything is possible.

I should somehow tie this into election year politics but frankly I’m too tired to give the subject any deep thought beyond “small actions [political dirt] against an efficient sounding board [teevee media] combined with fatigue [boredom and ennui] can result in panic reactions and poor decisions.” Well, and that I’m sure if our current candidates were eaten by real mountain lions, few of us would shed any tears.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.