LISP Machines

I was 20, in college, and lusting after Lisp machines. One of my favorite books was a copy of the Lisp Machine Manual that my best friend brought home from MIT one spring break. I had devoured Allen’s book Anatomy of Lisp, and wrote a Lisp interpreter in which I wrote my first project in the U of Maryland’s introduction to programming course (long story, maybe boring, more on that later anyway 🙂 )

Anyway, the Lisp Machine Manual is online (along with a bunch of other really cool old documents).

These days, making a special-purpose computer to run Lisp programs would be like building a special-purpose vehicle to go grocery shopping. But in its day, the CADR was very, very cool. When Atari was falling apart, I had to box up a bunch of LispMs that were sitting in the corporate research digs. It was kind of sad, but they’d had their day (I think that Symbolics packed it in just a few years later).

Author: landon

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