Looper and Points Beyond

Both my wife and I had yesterday off from work (her free day was a ship gift, mine was . . . well, more about that later). So we had a nice breakfast at The Original Pancake house, went to the UW bookstore, and then saw the movie Looper.

I liked Looper, though it was kind of depressing in spots. The effects of time travel didn’t seem totally thought out (you’d think that causing injuries on an earlier self would cause timestream-invalidating changes as well), but they were certainly dramatic, and in one case the basis for a good laugh. The whole telekinesis thing seemed grafted on as well. But all told, it’s a fine film, and I recommend it.

After almost 11 years I’m no longer a Microsoftie. I accepted a job offer from Valve earlier this week and I’m taking a little time off before starting there. I’m really, really excited about working there (though I’m really bummed about leaving behind some truly wonderful and smart cow-orkers at Microsoft).

No, I have no idea what I’ll be working on. (For those who haven’t read it, here is the Valve employee handbook. From conversation it seems to be the straight dope).

What to do with a couple unexpected weeks of free time? I’ll probably just read a lot, get out for a bunch of walking, hang out with the family and do stuff around the house, but some hacking projects come to mind. We’ll see.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

8 thoughts on “Looper and Points Beyond”

  1. Awww. There goes my point of pride re: working for the same company as Dadhacker. Then again, now I’ve learned that I work in the same good company as, err, Momhacker?

  2. Holy lord. I have quoted your programming edicts *verbatim* in meetings, I have applied your ideas about internet privacy and kids to my own family, and now you are working for what is probably the best company in the industry? You sir are truly my hero.

    Now, if you can do something about getting Half Life 3 out the door, I’ll elevate you to god. 🙂

  3. @landon: If we can’t learn from those who have coded before us, we are truly screwed. I think Nietzsche said that.

    Your comments about spelling and grammar are by themselves enough to cause a revolution. Whenever I mention to other developers that you can tell bad code by the spelling mistakes in comments, they always agree and then look away guiltily.

  4. I hereby insist you work your damnedest to make Steam drop ST style Bombs (I know they’re Apple Bombs really but “great artists steal) whenever it looses networking on my wireless laptop.

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