Merge day

All I have to say for today is, “Thank God for Araxis Merge.”

Really.  I bought this tool a while back, and it’s been worth every penny, and more; it’s about as indispensable as the Emacs clone I use (Lugaru’s Epsilon, here).

Tools that “just work” are few and far between.  Let’s hear some praise for them.


Author: landon

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3 thoughts on “Merge day”

  1. I’ve heard good things about Araxis – I’ve even tried it in the past – I use Beyond Compare from Scooter Software because I’m a weenie, and like the BC interface for many tasks. I suspect that BC doesn’t really do as nice a job, and I expect that Araxis is more robust and reliable in heavy use.

  2. I’ve been vouching for Araxis Merge for a handful of years now. It really is a fantastic program that is very good at its job. The only modifications I made in the Preferences were to soften the colors used to highlight the changes. It’s fast, and the 3-way merges are indispensible. Oh, and Directory comparisons are an occasional godsend.

    Yeah. Araxis. Buy it. It’s worth the money.

  3. Amen. Araxis merge kicks serious booty! I use it with Rational Clearcase at work, and with diffs from sourceforge for fun. Sadly, at home I’ve recently (1 yr ago) switched to OS X and this is the only tool I’ve not yet found a suitable replacement for – and I find I move code to my XP work laptop for source control and merge work. *sigh*

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