4 thoughts on “‘Merkan version of Top Gear”

  1. I have not seen the American version, but it would be very difficult to duplicate the dynamic that those three have, along with the seemingly endless freedom in how they do the show that would be impossible in American scripted reality.

    The state department banning them from coming back to the states for strapping a cow to the roof kind of says it all. They had to promise not to be entertaining in order to be let back in.

    Plus, I could never see Homeland Security allowing the American show to build a space shuttle with a car-plane strapped to it… which IMO was one of the most amazing things I have seen done in that amount of time. One bolt away from a perfect launch.

  2. It follows the recipe from the real-thing almost to the tee. So why does it suck? The hosts. Really, really boring dudes. I don’t mind Tanner so much because he is knowledgeable, and I like the guy on Rescue me, but on this show he sucks. And Rutledge “We Need a Guy that Can Claim to be From The South” is just, just…really? I will watch it because I love cars, but thats about it.

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