More pithy observations

“They got over-paranoid and missed the difference between declaring types and declaring war.”


“Ummmm . . . say, if aliens from planet Zorkon invaded us and demanded that we run our software on their 57-bit word, 11-bit byte, inverse-byte-order machines, are we prepared?”

“Naw, we’re just as screwed as we ever were on the hardware we already have.”

“Excuse me, I have to call the President.”


“That’s certainly an interesting way to increment a variable.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid what we’re going to find when these guys figure out multiplication.”

[30 classes later]

“… and yes! We have a pointer dereference!”


“I’m so far up this call stack that I can see my tonsils again.”


“Bring me another beer, we’re gonna look at file buffering next.”

“Beer, hell. You’re going to need something stronger than what they were on when the wrote it to begin with. How ’bout a whiff of ether, for starters — I’m all out of LSD.”


“Fizzbin.h declares the types for the Fizzbin subsystem, and you can control its operation via the Fizzbin database, or by a properly formatted fizctl.xml file. If the Fizzbin fobblegrabes or overflows the blagbuffer, just use the Fizzbin Control Center application to rebrodrify unavailable resources into virtual fimblekittens and restart the fizzerv with the FZQQR4.EXE utility (included in service pack 2.005.3224j). Note that the Fizzbin 6.21c API differs from that of 6.20b (patch 17), and that memory requirements have changed, but we’re not going to tell you how because we’ve been unable to talk our tech writer down from the window ledge for this release.”

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My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

3 thoughts on “More pithy observations”

  1. Ah, I know it well! Turns out, when Fizzbin configuration objects are sent over the fizzresource message queue and de-frozzified, the fizzobj sets now point to zombie objects and fzzdepilate dies unless you refresh the fzbuffer (twice, except on Thursdays, unless you’re using an older version of fizzXmlDefenestrate < 0.8 beta (and not the first release with build number 2851, the second one before they started updating build numbers of beta releases)).

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