More than one interpretation…

Horror?  Maybe.  Link.


Possible other interpretations:

  • “I won?  Oh my God, I won the lottery!?!”
  • “And she was wearing, like, totally ewwww, chiffon conkers and a persimmon h-bracelet.”
  • “…and then the priest said, (hee), he said to the camel (haw haw haw), no, really, I’m t-trying to finish this joke . . . the p-priest got on the camel a-and –” [falls down laughing uncontrollably]


Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

3 thoughts on “More than one interpretation…”

  1. A picture is worth 1000 words?
    Here’s 1000 words…

    Reminds me of a project once and what it did to me.

    I was trying to help and debug something for the UI guys. Seems the ‘API’ that middleware exposes consists of a perplexing graph of objects that each have a single public call which takes a string. To get a dataset, the poor UI guys are supposed figure out which object to create from this nest of sillyness, then pass SQL into it. It will churn, then return a result set they can iterate.
    Seems somewhere way down in the system there are a collection of tables (mostly simple lists of name-value pairs – lord knows why we need a full DB). Several layers of middleware are between the DB and the UI teams code; but since the UI team has direct access to the DB via SQL there’s really no abstraction to speak of between the top and bottom layers.
    This DB design was so awesome that, on a simple media player, this piece of SQL must of had 4 where clauses, two joins, and a table name or two which the low level guys had changed the night before but neglected to tell the UI folks about. Once that was fixed I found another problem. The query (to get a simple list of songs) was bigger than the buggy home brewed string library could stomach (wow – a 256 byte hard coded ceiling in the string class. So sad.).
    So, I’m already eager to find the nearest balcony and take the fast way to Castro Street and end my tortured existence. But instead… I press on. (sucker for abuse?)
    In the middle of trying to clean this up I discover I need to pull a change someone checked in. And… wait for it…. I sync myself a broken build.

    Revert? I won’t even go into why that wouldn’t have worked. We were using a buggy svn client that… wait, I said I wouldn’t go into it. Ok. So… I make the fix I needed by hand on my personal machine. Build it, put it on a usb drive, carry it back to the UI guy’s PC.

    And then find I can’t put the build onto the device because our build-wizard got together with the hardware guys and, in their collective infinite wisdom, decided to use ‘make’ as the means to move a bin over to a hardware target. With the build broken, ‘make’ fails, and so I can’t copy. (the command was something like ‘make device.sendbin ./fubar.tar.gz’ – but it went and tried to build the local code anyway). But I don’t want to build anymore – I just want to send over this already built bin! Ayieee!

    This image of the mummy you linked is exactly what I felt like. Just put a keyboard in front of it, a cube around it, and angry middle managers over its shoulder.

  2. “The look on one’s face (literally) when one’s “startup equity proposition” finally reaches maturity.
    I mean, like, 600 years from now, dudes.

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