New Vernor Vinge book in October

Tor Books’ new catalog says that Vernor Vinge’s new book, Children of the Sky, will be out in October 2011. It’s a sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep. Wheeee!

Link to Tor Books catalog (pdf).

(via io9)

Other books I’m looking forward to:

Robert Charles Wilson’s Vortex (third in his Spin / Axis series).

Charle Stross’ Rule 34.

David Foster Wallace’s posthumous The Pale King (on April 15th).

Steven Gould 7th Sigma. (If you haven’t read Jumper or Wildside, you’re in a for a treat).

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5 thoughts on “New Vernor Vinge book in October”

  1. I will have to re-read the other two Vinge books. October can’t come soon enough.

    Have you read Infinite Jest and is it worth it? I’ve seen much praise online, but I’m curious to hear your opinion since our tastes generally match up well.

  2. I liked _Infinite Jest_ a lot, and have read it two or three times. Wallace’s books of short stories and essays as well. Oddly, I haven’t been able to finish _The Broom of the System_.

    _IJ_ takes some work. You’ll also need three bookmarks: One you use normally, the second you place in the footnotes section, and the third (you can use a post-it marker for this, since it won’t move) you stick on the calendar. Yes, there’s a calendar, and if you take the time to find it before getting too far into the book you’ll save a fair amount of confusion.

  3. Thanks for the tip! It was way too long since his last book.

    Believe it or not, I actually had Vernor Vinge as a teacher in college (SDSU fall of ’93), and I hadn’t even heard about him as a sci-fi writer before that even though I read a lot of sci-fi in high school.

    He was a really good teacher. I learned how to write a 68k preemptive task switcher in assembler in his class (!) Those were the days… 🙂

  4. Let’s hope it’s a more worthy successor than “A Deepness in the Sky”

    “A Fire Upon the Deep” is my favorite book of all time, though, so I guess nothing can ever live up to your favorite thing. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll bookmark this for the other titles.

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