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Yours Truly is mentioned a couple minutes into this video –

The transactional store on the Newton was pretty cool, but ultimately kind of misguided, too.  The Palm had nothing in this area — just some hardware memory protection, I believe — but it did have pretty good syncing technology (and every Palm came with a dock), which made making backups a snap.  Lose your data?  As long as you weren’t on the road, you just did a restore.

If the Newt had had a dock, decent docking support, and a few other things, it would have just killed Palm.

More about that later…

[Walter was a great guy to work with.  You probably can’t get all weepy about the various pieces of ancient hardware he’s pulling out, but I sure remember it.  Michael Tibbot and Mike Culbert had the first untethered Newton walkabout in the parking lot of Bubb 5, just prior to the group’s move to the Infinite Loop campus in the Fall of 1992.  That prototype was about the size of one of today’s beefy notebook computers, and was powered by six ‘D’ cells which lasted maybe half an hour.  The power management software came much later….]

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