Out and aboat

We’re headed home on I-5 north of Seattle, and we see a used boat dealership.  It’s huge.  Literally acres of boats alongside the frontage road, some looking pretty good, some looking like they might have held water once, but that was maybe before the Vikings abandoned them on the shores of Leif Ericson’s land for new models.

“Boat,” the toddler observes.

He thinks about it a little more.

“Boat,” he adds.




This goes on for a while (acres and acres…).  Finally we pass the lot.

“Okay,” I ask, “How many boats was that?”

The toddler thinks about it.


If he had been counting the ones that would still float, I think he might have been right.


Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

2 thoughts on “Out and aboat”

  1. This should be a reminder: Never, never, NEVER buy a boat. Unless you are so stinking rich you just don’t care about money, at all. That multi-acre used boat place, along with all those storage yards soaking up a small fortune from people who have no place on their own property to store their boats, should tell you everything you need to know about boat ownership.

    (Lesson: Sounds like fun, but then, you find out about all the work and cost involved in boat ownership.)

    (Other lesson: “A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money.”)

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