More signs that you’re in full-swing parentage –

You can tell what toy you tripped on in the dark, by feel. (“Oww, that was the helicoptor”)

You can distinguish between the words “Duck,” “Dugck” and “Douck” (Duck, Dog and something we haven’t decoded yet).

You recognize two dozen different forms of . . . just about anything slightly nasty.

You attempt to use the same negotiation skills you’ve learned to use with your toddler –

   &nbsp “You can’t take the book into the bath, so what about we trade with the dino?”
   &nbsp “Bopgorm!” [1]

at work, with surprisingly good success –

   &nbsp”You can’t write that Gliptrap code in a week, but how about tackling the Wibbleveng stuff?”
   &nbsp”(inaudible)” [2].

[1] With toddlers, “Yes” is the absence of “No”
[2] With developers, ditto.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.