PHP versus PCP

One of these makes your eyes roll back in their sockets, makes you violent, and causes you to shiver and shake and shout and want to kill things. It makes your eyes bleed. Sharp objects appear inviting and cuddlesome. The sun becomes your enemy. Spray-on hair seems like a plausible thing.

The other is a horrible drug. [Yes, a tired joke, I know…]

I wrote a non-trivial amount of PHP a little while ago, and I simply cannot get clean enough.


Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

4 thoughts on “PHP versus PCP”

  1. Awww really. Its a bit sucky but so are lots of things.

    What’s really horrible is emitting lumps of HTML, doing so in nice ways, and making intelligible as things are run server side (and getting the client side parts in place to do their bits as well).

    Just PHP on its own… not worth getting that excited about.

  2. When supplemented with jQuery, adodb and Smarty, php really starts to make sense. Bonus points for php5 and making wrapper classes to those libs that match your coding style to sanitize those interfaces a bit.

    You can always consider trying plant based diet to mitigate exposure to bullpoop. I.e Twitter co founder ceo is vegan, so is Bill Clinton and his daugter. Even if you dont dig yet that whole avatar compassion kumbaya non-ownership and letting the chips fall where they may be type of stuff – for performance reasons alone ditching diary and meat felt awesome and for me was the driving factor for change.

    Many said it de-clouds mind, and its kinda true since stuff in milk was proven to act like heroine. At some wallstreet software house where my little bro worked they had a strong push towards having bananas all around the place since proper sugar in fruits is actually good for humans. And some even go to extreme about it, some cult guys in australia live on 30bananas a day… Their nutrition science seem to be okay, they publish their blood tests online, but i think they might have other emotional/relationship issues pending 🙂

  3. I agree, PHP sucks. It was never expected to grow the way it did.

    Most of the time, I can solve my web things with perl, and I’m thinking about using this thing called pharen, which compiles a lisp dialect to php, so I can save myself from the pain and suffering when I’m forced to produce php.

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