2 thoughts on “Programming Sucks”

  1. Well theres this…


    comments are nice there, by people who havent completely lost it yet.

    and to be honest, after dropping code alltogeter with occasional ruby dibbling, i confirm health improvement. From a vegan perspective all world is like that. Sausagefest of epic proportions full of synergistic busybodies trying to add somethin to the value of a good design. Its everywhere. In first world there is this in software. In NASA the original shuttle design was to make a big red tank go to orbit each time to add real estate to the space station, and tiles on the shuttle were originally uniform and interchangable at the price of shuttle looking more f117-esque, but then someone made a syngergistic decision to make each tile custom fabricated and orange tank smaller so it wont reach orbit. In medicine you can provide a metric shitton of testimonies of plantbased diet healing cancers, diabetes, some even observed significant reversal of aids. but its terrorism to tell that juice contains vitamins. You can tell people that solar panels give power for free but then govt of spain decided to make private rooftop solar panels illegal.

    You can show people 1000 near death testimonies on youtube, people literally got resurrected and got on tape, yet noone gives a flying fuck since its not related to kardashians. Dont worry man. Those are biblical end times. The Jesus is coming to put this stuff in order. The current pope is a non-believer just like nostradamus predicted, and there will be no popes after him. In the meantime try to forgive them and love them and let them grow up to you. Otherwise by fighting their BS you validate its existence. The weapon of choice is making irrelevant anything that is not Love.


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