One of my recent finds in “low” (historical-like, zero-magic) fantasy is “The Engineer Trilogy” by K. J. Parker.  Set in a steel-and-arrows technological era, the first book, Devices and Desires, starts with the conviction of an engineer for a peculiar kind of blasphemy, his escape, and the start of his subsequent plans for a “device” to reunite him with his family.  The writing is fresh, often funny and light-hearted, and dead serious when it has to be.  It’s had me alternately chuckling, frightened, and (damn) it was hard to put down.  The second book is out already, and the third should be published later on this month, and thus the trilogy deserves an exemption to Farmer’s Lesson.

The author has two other trilogies already published in the UK.  These are slowly making their way across the sea.

“K. J. Parker” is a pseudonym, and my brief research hasn’t shown up anything other than other people also wondering who the heck she or he is (speculation: it’s Tom Holt, or his wife).

My guess is, since there is ample evidence that the author sticks to three and only three books, that it is NOT Piers Anthony, Philip Jose Farmer, the late Robert Jordon, or (and the presence of humor alone would clue us in here) Elron scribbling from the grave via phased plasmoidial astral projection.

Anyway, I recommend the author, and The Engineer in particular.

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