With the foo-fa-rah and circus surrounding the Schiavo case [1], it’s always useful to ask: What is going on while (they think) we’re all looking at the Goodyear Blimp?

I don’t know. I’m just paranoid. Keep your eyes peeled.

[1] Note to the future, when this issue fades from our mayfly attentions, as it will two or three weeks hence: It’s about an attempt by Our Oilmen to force a feeding tube back into a brain-dead woman in an effort to garner publicity and votes. The usual political grandstanding, emergency legislation and bully-pulpit pounding by politicos who voted last year for less medical care, but today are climbing all over each other in an effort to be painted humanitarian (or is that God-fearing? I can’t keep the stuff straight) by the media circus. It’s all working nicely except for the bit about the feeding tube.

Author: landon

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