Servers up on blocks

In days of old, when men were men
(The old grey-bearded hacker said)
We chipped software out of rocks
Bent parenthesis to make our blocks
Synchronized with rusty locks
And had to-wind up all our clocks
And when our software froze or crashed
We debugged it with a nine-tailed lash
And nary a proper tear was shed
When we kicked the servers in the head.

Barbarian software geeks, that’s us!
Smashing heaps and breaking threads
Strewing garbage in the halls
Erasing logs and throttlin’ calls
Spamming to increase our thralls
Never reading docs at all
And if you ever call support
We’ll confuse you, just for sport
And we love your look of hopeless dread
When we kick your server in the head…

(from a feeling of horror after reading something, well, really horrible about a piece of software, but we’ve all been there in the trenches when expensive software — the more expensive the worse, it seems — misbehaves badly)

(don’t ask me why i voted contrary to every recommendation that the peoplesoft board made)

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.