Seven wonders they missed

A Floppy disk still readable from 1987.

A laptop multi-booted into three hundred and twenty different operating systems, only five of which are pirated.

The spreadsheet written in Atari BASIC that is still running a 100 employee business.

An 8008 running a critical nuclear missile launch system in a bunker in Nevada. (Don’t fret, it’s due to be replaced next month by some bespoke stuff from Halliburton).

Linux running on emulated Gameboy emulated on a TRS-80 running under simulated MSDOS on a Macintosh virtual PC being emulated by another Gameboy running on an Xbox-1 simulated through a Turing-equivalent configuration of glider guns. The Linux simulation is running Quake III, at one frame every couple of million years. Ping times are not what you would like.

An overclocked Pentium running at 9 Ghz, cooled with a slurry of liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

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Author: landon

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One thought on “Seven wonders they missed”

  1. Dry ice sublimates at -78, while liquid nitrogen evaporates at -196, so the nitrogen would boil off before the dry ice would start sublimating. However, dry ice and isopropyl alcohol (freezing point: -low) are used as a sort of ghetto liquid nitrogen. It isn’t any cheaper, but it’s a lot easier to handle.

    It’s used a lot, of course, in Defcon’s Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest.

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