I was going to make one of my more awful puns about the composition of the planet-like object Eris, now estimated to be nearly 30% larger than Pluto (link).

But saying “All hail Eris!” isn’t possible, because they think it has a significant amount of rocky material; it’s not just a big ball of ice.


I was leaving work today, and carrying two books.  In one hand, a copy of Advanced Perl Programming, and in the other, a book on Haskell.

The person I passed in the hallway noticed, and laughed.  “It’s a good thing you have those well separated.”

I guess you have to be a complete geek to get any humor out of that.  It’s been that kind of week.


On Monday I sat next to someone who played Crackdown all the way through.  In like six hours.  I’ve barely been able to clobber the first three or four bosses.  I am humbled and awed.

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