(Software) Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught In School

  • If, during a status meeting, there is a distant rumble, the earth begins to shake, the lights dim, the meeting room grows cold, a stiff breeze blows papers from the conference table, an icy terror grips your heart as the people around you struggle for breath, and a low, unearthly, tortured moan comes from everywhere and nowhere, the schedule is going to slip again.

  • All of the management in one room together with the door closed for three days is generally not a good thing. Go out and play with a frizbee.

  • When someone says that something is “trivial,” multiply their estimate by three.

  • A bug will fix itself overnight if you’ve sweated on it hard enough.

  • Everything is relative. After working your butt off for years, holding your own against the evil, bad competition, when you finally wind up working for them, you find they’re pretty good folks after all.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.