something has to pay the bills

Huh, one of my favorite authors, Martha Wells, turns out to be writing Stargate Atlantis books.

My knee-jerk reaction to mainstream or semi-mainstream authors writing books “for shows” instead of on their own is usually “yuck.”  Then I remember some non-yuck, definitely worthwhile stuff written for the various SF universes, including –

John M. Ford, Star Trek, How Much for Just the Planet?  [Hilarious, well worth tracking down]

Larry Niven, Star Trek Log (the animated half-hour series), The Soft Weapon (after a short story of the same name).

James Blish, lots of script adaptations of the original Star Trek.

Greg Bear, lots of books in the Star Wars universe [which normally I can’t stand]

I’m sure there are other fine examples.  (Note that the Serenity script adaptation was a miserable piece of poo.  They should have had Bujold or Varley or even – God help me – Ellison pen the damned thing).


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2 thoughts on “something has to pay the bills”

  1. Pedantic, but:
    The Niven story was indeed “the soft weapon”, the ST:A episode was “the Slaver Weapon”, and the adaptation by Alan Dean Foster is what was in Star Trek Log.

    Which lets me add:
    Alien, Alan Dean Foster. I enjoyed the extraneous details added to the universe, which spawned Dark Horse’s further expansions with the AvP comics, leading to a novelization of the comic series by Steve Perry (Matador series, not Journey singer) with yet further liberties taken.

    Funny how these things spark long chains sometimes.

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