Sparse, Olympics

I’ve been buried at work, and it’s been a while since writing anything here.  As one wag has pointed out, you can ask for your money back.

Yeah, yeah, M-X standard-blog-apology.  There’s probably an EMACS command for that.

In the meantime, things that would normally be distractions are not.  The Olympics, for instance, are dead to me.  They’re happening just a few hundred miles from here, in the same time zone, and we have to wait for NBC’s miserable time-delayed coverage.

I know NBC doesn’t give a crap that I’m not watching, but the sponsors who are actually shelling out for commercials might be interested to know that I’m tuning out.  I just can’t take any more twenty minute segments on how Joe America overcame crippling childhood cases of impacted wisdom teeth, bubonic plague and color-blindness to become a star curling captain while there is plenty of good competition going on.  I can’t stand the numismatic medal counting and the US-centric sound bite coverage that simultaneously diminishes our own athletes and those of the rest of the world.  I don’t care if the ice skater had to pull herself out of primordial slime, evolve through fish, shrews and apes and then compete for an Olympic team slot on a bed of nails and broken glass; I just want to see the athlete deliver, in that arena, when it happens, and I want to see who she’s up against.

Here’s a challenge for NBC: Show your reporting staff for five minutes an hour, tops.  That’s it.  You’ll save a ton of money on the hair styling and make-up.

[Actually, I rather like curling.]


Update: NBC is showing a ton of curling right now.  I can’t say that I’m giddy, but it is rather nice to see.

Aside from the time delay, the coverage I’ve seen has been relatively decent; light on talking heads and overcoming childhood trauma involving clowns.  Lots of ads right now, though.

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8 thoughts on “Sparse, Olympics”

  1. The amount of trouble NBC is going to in order to be sure that unauthorized online streams of live event are low-quality and hard to find screams, “We know there’s a better way to do this; we just don’t care.”

  2. I am looking forward to Bobsledding, but I too am worried about the coverage. Even if it is broadcast live ( which I doubt ), they give you a 5 hour block of coverage where they list a bunch of events so you never know exactly when yours will be.

  3. I think the writers of The Simpsons read your blog… and can travel in time since it was probably written far before your blog was.

    Anyways, the an announcer for the Olympic curling Simpsons episode tonight:
    “I admit, we’re vampires who suck on shattered dreams”

    You sure you’re not secretly writing for them?

  4. Can y’all get CTV or SportsNet Pacific down there? They’re not quite as biased towards the Canadian athletes as NBC seems to be, and so far they’ve been covering everything live which gives them less time to wax on and on about backgrounds and personal traumas.

  5. I love New Zealand. None of that classical post WW* propaganda that (by your nation’s complaints) seems to be embedded in everything from the smallest ad-space on an ant’s butt to the back of the lorry, carrying billions of dollars off east, down the caravan trails, to fund the world’s biggest corporate take-over; shielded by a holy war facade so thin, that only those who would complain are dumb enough to be fooled.

    Oh and yea.. Curling is surprisingly a great game to watch.
    Who’d’a thought? Not me.

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