That syncing feeling

Let’s just say that the music sync and play experience on Windows Phone 8 is awful.

I feel like adding lots more. But “awful” pretty much covers it, and there’s no reason to open the Chest of Angry Sayings, or fire up the Cauldron of Toxic Words, or even to raise a Blazing Wind of Righteous Ranting. It’s just . . . awful. I need a hug.

[Basically, the WP8 decides to re-arrange tracks, assign tracks to random artists I’ve never heard of, and doesn’t display tag information correctly. It’s useless.]

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8 thoughts on “That syncing feeling”

  1. I just got WP8 and have found the same thing; it’s quite frustrating. So far I love everything else about the platform, but I’m carrying around an old iPhone just to play music and podcasts.

    I know you’re not there anymore, but do you have any insight as to what/when, if anything, MS is planning to do with it?

    1. I have no insight into any of Microsoft’s plans for WP8.

      (I’m an honest type: If I did have knowledge, I wouldn’t be in a position to talk about it — and in fact, I probably wouldn’t even approach the subject).

  2. i still have my i5500 reflashed with droid 2.3 🙂 it plays music, it shows map, i can see youtube and funny cat images and make my own images of my funny cat. it cost 50€ + afternoon of tinkering with new droid and some dremel TLC on the screen scratches. i dont see myself changing it until it will physically fall apart. im happy 🙂

    ( tho that cut down version of samsung s3 looks nice, bc of camera and new bluetooth… maybe if ill have some money to burn… )

  3. Every standalone media player I’ve owned so far has done this. I only use them to play audiobooks, and instead of going by subdirectory or file name, they reach deep inside random ID3 fields and go nuts. Then there are the tedious hours I’ve spent editing ID3 fields and renaming files, trying to get them to play in the proper order…

  4. No Google music for win-phone?

    I recently lost my last iPod, not replacing it despite being connected to such since the very second generation, A mere month before losing my hard-drive.

  5. I’m super-ultra-late here (I’m picking through your archives for interesting stuff), but during the dark (and mercifully short) period in which I used a Lumia 520 WinPhone I had the same problem. I solved it by using a tag manipulator program to nuke all the ID3 tags from my music files – every comment, every field, everything entirely – and then rewrite them from scratch from the file name.

    If your music collection is well-ordered, doing this will save you a million headaches.

    I’ve read on a later post that you no longer have the WinPhone, but other people might stumble on this post looking for information about this problem, so… well, here’s the solution.

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