That’s all folks, the iPhone is dead

As Slashdotted (link), Apple will be restricting 3rd party applications on the iPhone.

That’s it, game over, thanks for playing.

(I was wondering how Cingular / Apple was going to screw with its customers.  Now we know).


Author: landon

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3 thoughts on “That’s all folks, the iPhone is dead”

  1. And a year or so later, they finally announce an SDK. It’ll probably be complete crap though, and not allow access to anything useful.

  2. Hate to disappoint you, Justin, but the SDK is super-nice, uses the same framework as Mac OS X, and has an emulator and full access to the layer(s?) where multitouch lives.

    I’m all for more open, but at the end of the day, I’d rather the iPhone rule than PocketPC.

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