*There’s* a business model

Boy, what a business model. Let’s see, what would your reaction be if I started a company that –

– Did a crappy job at something critical to you;
– Charged you a subscription fee to patch up the problems!

That’s what the “identity theft protection” industry seems to be all about. For a yearly fee, they’ll do the job that the authentication mechanisms should be doing anyway . . . except that it’s far more profitable for the credit industry to make it easy for you, or someone who claims to be you, to get credit. And I’ll bet that, like crappy insurance companies, the “protection” doesn’t amount to a hill of beans once you actually need it.

This is like selling a house, then charging the buyer a monthly fee not to burn it down. I’m sure there’s a word for that in the dictionary, somewhere.

Prediction: This will be used to sell a national ID system. And, once sold to us, and we all have remote controlled explosive biometric ID cards bolted to our foreheads (“fer the children, or because of terrorism, or maybe for the terrorist children”), the promised identity theft relief will never appear.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.