Things that suck


Java updates that utterly break already teetering remote access utilities. The fact that these utilities were written in Java at all is mind boggling. I also reserve a special place in hell for the firmware engineers who thought they could write web pages and Java applets and then put them into flash that, if you fat-finger an update — in the vain hope that something or other got fixed — or experience a network blip at the wrong time, toasts your remote access to the machine, whereupon you get to drive to the datacenter and spend quality time with USB thumb drives. I had to make a DOS boot thumb drive today. What the hell?

IDEs written in Java.

Windows software that doesn’t uninstall, and that leaves behind little bits and pieces that throw up ads and nagware until you hunt them down and kill them with the registry editor. (None of this stuff is written in Java, as far as I know, but I am an inclusive kind of guy).

Drivers who nearly run you over in a crosswalk while talking on a cell phone. It looked like an Android phone, so there you go again: Java. It’s trying to fucking kill me and I hates it.

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5 thoughts on “Things that suck”

  1. The problem with Java is people. CS schools started teaching pretty much just Java at the same time standards in admission and examination tanked.

    Software is people and if you eat Yellin’ Hobo brand Soylent Green you’re gonna have a bad time.

    I would have had some more things to say about your choices in lif^Wtools but then again the grasshopper shouldn’t annoy the sage. Crunchy, good with ketchup and all that.

  2. The problem with Java is people. CS schools started teaching pretty much just Java at the same time standards in admission and examination tanked.

    Yep. All hardware and software problems are, ultimately, thinking problems. Either the designers weren’t thinking when they built the thing, or the were told to build garbage to save costs and I – the consumer – didn’t think before buying/using it.

    As individuals we need to raise our game thinking wise. Personally, I started taking logic and reason very seriously a couple of years ago and have improved my work no end. We should also expect others in our development teams to raise their game as well. Just how to accomplish this I don’t know, but we can start by showing by doing (walking the walk instead of just talking the talk). I suppose it’s the old “be the change you want to see in the world.” I’m advocating.

  3. after learning ruby i would add everything that is not ruby.
    and after learning ways of Christ i would add all that is not in line with His teachings. (ruby and cpp were created by Christians, java is what they must write in hell, or dilbertian corporations.. )

    then again i like my droid phone so my views might be biased, but i agree, the newer ones are an eyesore and overkill. i keep my phone at cyanogen moded droid 2.3, which is least of an eyesore for my legacy 50$ 2.1 droid phone

  4. Well it’s not actually a Java problem most of the time but rather a developers fault :).
    Most of the time it’s not a problem from the actual programming language, but rather a problem of a low quality development and no bug testing.
    The same things applies for the windows crappy apps without a proper uninstall.

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