Play Guitar Hero with wife (who is much better than I am).

Get my Shadow Priest to level 70 (an hour an evening, how long can it take?.If it matters: Kabdib, playing Horde on Zangarmarsh, level 45 today…).

See if Age of Conan is any good (could be, but: p a t c h P a t c h P a t c h P A T C H p A t C h P a T c h …).

Continue slogging around in Liberty City.

Find more agility orbs in Crackdown (so I can get to more agility orbs, I guess).

Finish the single player campaign in Halo 3 (well, and Halo 2. And 1, for that matter).

Wrap up Overlord (a delightful little game, with wonderful voice acting except for the elves, who sound like bored software engineers trying to do voice acting).

Find out where I stopped in Gears of War and decide if I want to continue. I hate getting lapped by a title’s sequel.

Mass Effect: Ditto. (Answer: Probably not).

Do I even want to crack open Command and Conquer?

Give Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey to some charity.

Burn my copy of “Hideously bad ninja game whose name I have mercifully erased from memory.”

Oh yeah, work on the yard and clean the garage.

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12 thoughts on “Todo”

  1. Break out Command & Conquor you’ll love it. I haven’t been off it since I got it in January, great game…online it is interesting too. Though quite how some of the players get all of the resources they get I don’t know. Maybe they know something I don’t!

  2. You forgot:

    Get magma forge going before the human caravan arrives in DF.

    Oh, what’s that you say? You’re not yet playing Dwarf Fortress? Once you figure out the interface, you won’t play anything else for at least a month.

  3. When it’s nice out [and though this is Seattle, it’s been pretty decent of late] The Yard is #1, lest we be again overwhelmed by the vegetable kingdom again.

    [I looked at Dwarf Fortress. Honestly, I’d rather play ‘vi’. 🙂 ]

  4. Only one hour a day on World of Warcraft?! How long until 70? With that constraint… very! They nerfed leveling between 20-60 to make that go faster, but it is back to a grind from 60-70 since you’ll get to run very few instances with the one-hour limitation. And you’ll miss some of the best content.

    — Mohel, alliance, 70 priest on Maiev

  5. Emulation occupies so much of my time now, I always wanted a Stacy but it wasn’t going to happen. Now I am sitting in the shade of the apple tree in my garden playing oldies from an ST emulator on an old laptop.

    Now all I have to do is contend with smart ass kids who seem unable to look past the graphics on Nebulus to see the beauty of the title beneath…

  6. Also in the Seattle area and have a yard looking more like a jungle after only a week and a half of neglect.

    I have never finished Halo 1 and Half Life 2 I’ve got to varying levels of completion on three different computer installations each time losing my save due to hardware failures. I think I’m not supposed to finish it.

  7. Overlord rocks! It’s one of those rather low key games with a sense of humour that you end up really liking, as opposed to uber hyped games which always end up disappointing you to some extent.

  8. You sound like me. I still haven’t finished half-life 2, and I waited 2+ years just to play it. I’ve not finished assassin’s creed, grand theft auto 4, and am constantly berated for my lack of gaming accomplishment. Thankfully when it comes to programming I have the natural fortitude of a castrated man in a harem to get things completed.

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