Too many zeros

Srly, Microsoft? LinkedIn for $26B?

These things never end well. Remember Dynamics? And Nokia? This is worse.

Somebody needs to take the checkbook away from the team at Microsoft that comes up with these merger ideas. Put them off in a building of their own, give them a cafeteria and chef and great annual compensation, and ignore everything they say. It will be cheaper to do this than actually buying companies, and you don’t run the risk of being sued if you fire “valuable” employees. (Maybe you could sell the M&A group to Oracle after a while).


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2 thoughts on “Too many zeros”

  1. You don’t think it’s worth something to MSFT to:

    a) Know who is hiring, or looking for a job, with various tech experience, from various companies?

    b) Get every LinkedIn user onto Office 365, first just to see their “feed” (such as it is) in less-borked form, then to fix errors that “just happen to creep into” their profiles?
    Of course, they would _never_ look at the documents stored in their cloud.

    c) Get everybody onto Win10 (even if they were on Mac, Linux, or *BSD) because “it just works better” with Linkedin? Slurp that lovely “telemetry”.

    Good thing I only gave LinkedIn an address that I created to give the Alumni begging crew from my Alma Mater. Those two birds are just one “delete account” stone away from vapor.

  2. But buying a company is an income neutral event. As far as accounting is concerned, you traded cash for something of equal value. This should be compared to R&D and actually making things, the cost for which is a direct hit on margins, which is the metric Wall St. uses to value a company.

    No exec is ever going to get in trouble, in the short term, buying another company. But if they spend too much money actually making things they are likely to be shown the door.

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