“It is transparent. That’s why we set up the FISA court.”


Transparent to X-rays? FISA is a rubber-stamp joke.

Gaming this out a little:

1. Public outcry, fading with the usual power law of a news cycle. Looks like Snowden may have enough material to keep this going quite a while, though.

2. Imagine that the data centers turn out not to be riot-proof and burn to the ground after all. That data isn’t going away. Private databases don’t have the same (ahem) restrictions as government ones. In other words, really don’t expect to see any privacy legislation that has real teeth; that data is far too useful.



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4 thoughts on “Transparency”

  1. Sadly, yes, and it’s far, far worse than you can imagine already (anyone who doesn’t know that their iPhone is really a tracking device that also happens to be a phone is in serious denial).

    And it can get worse too: I’ll just leave this here.

  2. The first modification LM Ericsson AB did to the AXE (+) telephone switch – we’re talking 1970s – was to introduce “lawful intercept” for Saudi Arabia. Your fixed line telephones could be used as listening devices (bugs) from the switch – they just connected your hung-up phone to another line and listened to the phone’s microphone. You didn’t “turn on” your phone when you lifted your receiver, you just requested a circuit. The phone was always on.

    What surprises me most about today’s scandal is how shocked everyone is.

    (+) Saudi and Ericsson are still at it ( At one point in the late 90s more than 50% of all the world’s telephony went via an AXE switch. It was a major cash cow and the project had an influence of one degree or another in many technological developments we live with today, e.g., RISC chips
    (, the C++ standard borrowed much from Ericsson’s internal standards, and Erlang.

  3. Now thanks to the Snowden we all will know the truth government was hiding from us all along. That tomatoes are actually fruits instead of what they proclaim to be a vegetable. This is so going to impact my life I already stocked up on the toilet paper in case I will poop myself. Oh, by the way I have to stock up on CFLs too, because of another truth released by Snowden that incadescents when hooked up to the household wind/hydro/solar will still melt polar bears. Oh the drama.

    News of Snowden are so impacting my life I have to go to the toilet now. Good thing I have with me my free book that I told some time ago I was writing, Generation HEAL, to get myself informed on what else they want me to know, and exactly why 🙂

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